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November 26, 2009


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Danny Whatmough

I agree with you (, but also think this stat is quite telling:

26% saying they are heavily involved in social media and 64% having experimented but not ‘done much’

Lots of companies are 'dipping their toes', but that's never going to really achieve results...

katie moffat

You know this is something that I'm so divided about. On the one hand I think that you shouldn't mess around with Facebook pages and twitter accounts until you have considered objectives, done your listening and roadmap but on the other hand, particularly with larger businesses, it seems like small steps are the only way to get them to move. Otherwise they appear paralysed by indecision.

katie moffat

and I'm not suggesting that Facebook and Twitter are the sum total of social media ;)

Danny Whatmough

I'm all for messing about - you need to use these things (privately and professionally) to work out how they can really help your business. But when you decide to use them for business, you have to do it properly to really get the ROI - otherwise its almost not worth doing...

Chris Reed

You're spot on that it's harder for big organisations to change, but I think they are doing so. Certainly I'm seeing that there's more recognition than a year ago that they need to. It's just that the internal structures needs to change to acccommodate it first of all. Which does take time, as you say.

So yes - still some way to go...

katie moffat

@Danny oh absolutely don't get me wrong. I agree with you, I'm talking about businesses who know they should do something, where the listening has been done, the advice given and yet...still..they.just. can'

@Chris I've seen changes too and definitley more around a general acceptance of 'we should be doing something' rather than that translating into (comprehensive) action. Often when they realise what it takes to do it properly (time, resource, buy-in from directors) they get scared. Will Mcinnes put it well the other day, he said something like, "They know it's important enough to pay attention to but not urgent enough to take action".

Andrew Lloyd Gordon

Like you, I'm disappointed that more organisations haven't completely got on board with social media (which is a term I really dislike by the way).

However, I'm not too surprised.

I've been marketing online for 13 years now. There are companies that I know have been online for much of that time.

Yet the majority they still haven't properly embraced:

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
2. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
3. Ease of use of their websites (usability)
4. Conversion marketing
5. Email marketing

etc, etc, etc

Despite billions of pounds having been invested in digital/web/online/call-it-what-you-will-marketing, there's still a looonnng way to go.

Oh well, keep us busy I guess ;)

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