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June 25, 2009


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Goodness me. Why is it always the intern who takes the fall? I find this attitude unfair. There was a case of unethical behaviour of a Czech PR agency setting up fake blogs to promote its client's interests, and guess who took the fall? Two interns. It's upsetting...

Chris Measures

It shows a fundamental lack of understanding of social media. If the Twitter campaign is important (and the storm of complaints show it is) then surely someone in authority should have signed it off. After all, they wouldn't get an intern to singlehandedly design a major ad campaign without someone else looking at it.

Katie Moffat

I actually think that they were probably telling the truth - by which I mean, the twitter spam nightmare probably was done by someone who was working there, was eager, knew a little bit about twitter but nothing about reputation management ;-) and thought they were doing something helpful. For me it's the fact that Habitat haven't got the balls to take it on the chin and say, you know what it was our fault because ultimately we're responsible. It really demonstrates a lack of backbone. If I was at Habitat I'd throw it open and say, "you know what, we screwed up - who actually did it doesn't matter, but what we did was wrong and we're going to work really hard to do it properly" preferably followed up by an a b c of what they are going to do.

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