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January 28, 2009


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I sort of took it as read that this was the inspiration - did people think it was the first time it had been done, then?

katie moffat

No mention of any source of inspiration in any of their press release To me it reads as though they came up with the idea (it won't let me link to the specific release but it's titled "T-Mobile dances across our screens with innovative multimedia campaign"


I'm not sure people are thinking it's original either. Surely the early flashmobs are another inspiration, and PKRC (or whatever the prisons initials are!) too.


This is the kind of thing, that if it came up in a brainstorm, I would be vehemently against it, saying with 100% conviction that it's hackney'd and would be seen by consumers as copycat, fake and inauthentic.

However, let's be honest, as mainstream brand fluff for a mobile network with no discernable brand characteristics other than young, cheap, and magenta, I think it's doing an excellent job, and all the mum/aunt-type people in my life forwarded it to me on email or Facebook saying how cool it was. So therefore it's righteously successful. It makes me want to choke myself to death with a copy of New Media Age.

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